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Clayton Mobile Notary

St. Louis Notary Availability

At Clayton Mobile Notary We Are Available 24/7, Including Weekends

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Notary Availability At Clayton Mobile Notary

Often times the need for a notary arises at very inopportune or inconvenient times. These situations can be very stressful as you search for a notary open now, a 24-hour notary, a notary open late at night or on Sundays. At Clayton Mobile Notary, we are a 24-hour notary/7 days a week. We are always open now when you most need the services of a notary public.

We often get calls from customers asking if we are a have a notary on call, a notary open late, a notary on Sunday or a notary on holidays. The answer is yes to all of those questions.

The most frequent question we get is do we have a notary open now. We are always open. We are available by phone, text or email to answer your questions and determine if we can assist in solving your problem. Occasionally we discover that the client has misread or misunderstood the document and we discover that there is no need for a notarial signature or stamp. Obviously, this is a great relief to the client and they are thrilled to learn that there is no need for a notary on call, a notary open late, a 24 hour notary or a notary open now.

Clients should feel comfortable reaching out to us outside of the hours stated in the above chart. You will always be able to connect with a notary on call, a notary on Sunday, a 24-hour notary and of course a notary open now to serve your needs.

You can be assured that all of our notaries have a current background check with the National Notary Association (NNA). This background check includes a National Criminal Database Search, Terrorist Watch List Search, Motor Vehicle Record. St. Louis County Criminal Court Search as well as a Federal Criminal Court Search.

Notary on Sunday

For a variety of reasons, this is a very popular day for our clients to need a notary. Often times the client realizes at the last minute just prior to putting an important document in the mail to be picked up Monday morning, that there is requirement for a notarized signature. Ouch. A bit of panic sets in.

Is there such a thing as a Notary Public on Sunday that is readily available? At Clayton Mobile Notary, the answer is yes.

24-Hour Notary

We live in a modern society in which people can buy goods, go to restaurants, get services, etc. all day and all night. Thanks to Amazon, we can place orders for goods and in some cities receive the items the same day.

Consumers not only expect to receive services 24 hours a day, but also in the convenience of their own homes. As recently as just a few years ago, no one would have thought to search for a 24-hour notary. Now it is a term that is searched for every day, all day seven days a week. At Clayton Mobile notary we are staffed to meet your 24-hour notary needs.

Notary on Call

When you reach out to Clayton Mobile Notary, we are committed to providing you a highly trained and skilled notary public at a time and place of your convenience. The signing location could be your home, place of business, a Starbucks or even a St. Louis Bread Company. Our goal is to bring a smooth and successful conclusion to your notary public needs. Usually we can conclude the signing process in less than 30-minutes after you have contacted us. Clayton Mobile Notary is the most trusted mobile or notary service in the St. Louis area.

Notary Open Now

The most urgent notary request is the demand for a notary open now. The client needs to get a document or documents notarized right now. They have no time call around to the numerous notary services in St. Louis with the hopes that one of them will be able to service their needs immediately. At Clayton Mobile Notary, our phones, emails and texts are answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We strive to get your problem solved as quickly as possible. The need for a notary often involves a stressful situation such as a healthcare directive, power of attorney or real estate documents. Your request for a notary open now is not routine but quite serious. You can be assured that Clayton Mobile Notary is always open now.