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Finding a convenient and reliable notary can often be a long and frustrating process. You have to make countless unanswered phone calls. Many times, the notary is unavailable to meet your needs, has not been adequately trained or does not carry Errors & Omissions Insurance. It is not surprising that one of the most common internet search terms used by consumers is “Notary near me”. But that may not get you the right notary at the right time. There is an easier way to find a Notary near you. That easier way is Clayton Mobile Notary.

Notary Near Me

Meet Clayton Mobile Notary

By contacting Clayton Mobile Notary (call, text or email), we come to you at a time and place suitable to your needs. There is no need to spend countless hours searching the internet using the term Notary Near Me. At Clayton Mobile Notary, we are near you. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can come to you on a moments notice. We are St. Louis’ largest mobile notary service, centrally located in Clayton but cover all of St. Louis County, City of St. Louis, St. Charles County and Jefferson County.

How We Are Different Than Other Notaries Near You

When you use Clayton Mobile Notary there are several critical and unique benefits that are not offered by 99% of notaries in the state of Missouri.

*You should feel free to ask to see these four critical documents BEFORE the notary assignment with any notary.

Annual Background Check

You will be hiring a notary that has an annual background check by the National Notary Association. This detailed background check includes a National Criminal Database Search, Terrorist Watch List Search, Motor Vehicle Search, County Criminal Court Search, Federal Criminal Court Search and Sex Offenders Search. My background check is valid through August 8th, 2022.

Errors and Omissions Policy

A $100,000 Errors and Omissions Policy issued by Merchants Bonding Company. This policy protects YOU in the event a mistake is made during the notarial process. Errors and Omissions Insurance safeguards you against mistakes that can happen with any notarization. It only takes one mistake to invalidate a document or transaction. Enjoy peace of mind when you hire Clayton Mobile Notary knowing that you would be covered with $100,000 of Errors and Omissions Insurance

State Surety Bond

A $10,000 Surety Bond posted with the State of Missouri.A notary bond is a legally binding contract guaranteeing the notary will complete tasks ethically and in adherence with the law. If a notary fails to perform his or her duties, a claim can be made against the bond by the state and/or those harmed as a result of the notary’s actions. If this claim is valid, the bond amount can be used to reimburse the harmed parties, thereby protecting both the state and consumers from financial loss.

Nationally Certified

Certified by the National Notary Association. This means that I am part of a select group (fewer than 2,000 notaries in the United States) that are certified to conduct mortgage loan and real estate closings for the nation’s largest lenders and title companies. I am also fully compliant with real estate industry regulations that require the safeguarding of borrowers’ private financial information, committed to standards of ethics that access to confidential financial information entails and trained in complex real estate transactions.

You should feel free to ask to see these four critical documents BEFORE the notary assignment. This should give you added comfort that when you meet our notary in your home, place of business or even a Starbucks or Bread Company that he has been fully vetted, passed a national certification exam and has paid for the appropriate amount of insurance. Very few notaries offer all four of these crucial benefits. We guarantee them. If you search the internet using the term Notary Near Me, you are highly unlikely to find a notary with these four credentials.

Why? The vast majority of notaries do not want to pay the added expenses to obtain these four additional documents which can cost in the thousands of dollars every year. It is not required by the State of Missouri.

They may be unable to pass the certification exam by the National Notary Association (NNA) to become a Certified National Signing Agent. Even more alarming is that some notaries cannot successfully pass the background National Notary Association (NNA). If an applicant has a felony in the past ten years or a misdemeanor in the past 7 years, he will not be issued a clean background check whatsoever by the NNA. In fact, no background check will be issued and he will be considered as an applicant that has failed the background check process.

In the State of Missouri, a notary is not required to pass the rigorous annual background check performed by the National Notary Association. So, it is possible that a notary commissioned by the State of Missouri who has pleaded guilty or nolo contendere to a felony or misdemeanor, may turn up in your search for a Notary Near Me. And you could inadvertently ask him or her to come to your home or place of business.

Notary Near Me with Healthcare Experience

Looking for a trained, skilled and readily available notary can be very frustrating. Situations involving the need for a notary public are often stressful. There are times when notarizations take place in a hospital or nursing home and a signer dealing with a serious health problem. We are often asked to notarize a Power of Attorney or Health Care Directive in the hospital room of a patient or a skilled care facility. We have to communicate and work with families that are worried about a loved one. You can be assured that Clayton Mobile Notary is very sensitive and caring to everyone involved in this notarial process.

Keep calm and call, text or email Clayton Mobile Notary. We have performed countless notarizations in healthcare facilities at all hours of the night on weekends and holidays. We are well known to the administrative staff at hospitals such as Barnes Jewish, St. Mary’s Hospital, Mercy Hospital, St. Anthony’s and St. Luke’s Hospital. We have visited virtually every senior care facility in St. Louis.

Dealing with a senior citizen or a patient in a hospital can be very challenging. The signer may have trouble hearing the instructions, reading the document or signing on the signature line. These potential obstacles require patience and special skills to ensure that the notarization is performed properly and in compliance with the laws of the State of Missouri. We have extensive experience in these highly sensitive situations and have successfully performed thousands of motorizations to the satisfaction of signers, their families and loved ones.

Real Estate Experienced Notary Near Me

The need for a notary public often involves a real estate transaction. This can potentially be complicated, involve large amounts of money and require a fully trained and experienced notary. Mistakes can cost time and money. We have successfully completed over 7,000 notarizations for transactions that have involved a few thousand dollars or up to several million dollars. I have been trained and passed the stringent Certified National Signing Agent exam by the National Notary Association. As a Certified Signing Agent, I am in full compliance with the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau.

There are fewer than 2,000 Certified National Signing Agents in the United States. This special certification allows me to close loans and real estate transactions for all of the major national mortgage lenders, title companies and real estate brokerage firms. You can have full confidence that you will be hiring a highly qualified, credentialed and experienced notary public to handle your transaction.

Notary Near Me with Legal Document Experience

The most common request for a notary public is for the notarization of legal documents. As a notary public in the State of Missouri, we are trained and authorized by the State to certify a large variety of legal documents such as

Every legal document is different, requires knowledge and familiarity with a wide variety of laws and formats. This is necessary in order to prevent errors which would nullify the legality of the documents. An improperly notarized can cost you time, money and can render a contract invalid.

It is necessary to properly notarize certain legal documents in order for them to be valid. A notary public must witness a person signing a document and verify his or her identity to notarize a document. Notaries public will sign and stamp your document with a seal.

Chief among the reasons to have certain documents notarized is that having a document notarized is a deterrent to fraud. Getting agreements notarized adds a layer of verification that the people who signed the document are the people they say they are.

Notarization not only makes it more likely that signors are who they say they are but also is mandatory in the State of Missouri for certain agreements, such as deeds, mortgages, easements, powers of attorney and living wills.

Many of you will remember The Great Recession of 2008 and the role that improper or illegal notarization's played. It was widespread and a robo-signing scandal emerged in the United States involving a number of major U.S banks. Banks had to halt thousands of foreclosures in numerous states when it became known that the paperwork was illegitimate because the signers had not actually signed the document in front of a notary. While some robo-signers were middle managers, others were temporary workers with virtually no understanding of the work they were doing.

At Clayton Mobile Notary, we guarantee that your document will be notarized in full compliance with the laws of the State of Missouri

Notary Near Me? Clayton Mobile Notary is always a notary near YOU! Call, text or email.