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Thank you for visiting our Notary Public St. Louis page. I hope this article clears up some common confusions when potential clients use search terms such as Notary Public St. Louis, Notary Public St. Louis City or Notary Public St. Louis MO. Please be assured that you have arrived in the right place. Clayton Mobile Notary is the largest travelling notary service in the metropolitan area. Centrally located in Clayton, our coverage area includes all of St. Louis County and the City of St. Louis. Although you may be searching for Notary Public St. Louis, Notary Public City of St. Louis or Notary Public St. Louis Mo, Clayton Mobile Notary can generally travel to your location and complete the entire notarial process within thirty minutes of contacting us.

Can a Notary Public St. Louis Notarize in the State of Illinois?

This is a common question that I frequently get. The State of Illinois is just a short drive from downtown St. Louis. It would make sense that a Notary Public City of St. Louis could legally notarize for clients who are physically located in Illinois. However it would be against the law for a St. Louis City Notary Public to notarize a document in the State of Illinois. According to the Illinois Secretary of State, every applicant to be appointed and commissioned to perform notarial acts in Illinois must be a resident of Illinois or have full time employment in the State of Illinois. So unfortunately, we are unable to help out our friends in Illinois.

Can a Notary Public St. Louis Notarize documents created in the State of Illinois but are to be notarized in the State of Missouri?

Sometime we get calls from concerned customers that the document that they need to be notarized was created in an Illinois County and that the notarial language on the document refers to both the Illinois County and The State of Illinois. That’s not a problem. As long as the notarial act is taking place in the State of Missouri, we can legally perform the notarization. It would be a simple two-step process. First, we would cross out the name of the Illinois County, initial the change and replace it with the name of the Missouri County where the actual notarization is taking place. Secondly, we would cross out Illinois, initial the change and replace it with Missouri. It is that simple. The same process can take place with every state and county in the United States as long as the notarization is taking place in the State of Missouri.

My Notary Public Stamp Says St. Louis County, can I be a Notary Public St. Louis City?

Let’s take a closer look at the language on my notary stamp because it contains several important pieces of information. At the top of my stamp it gives my full name as registered with the State of Missouri. The second line on the stamp lists my title, Notary Public and identifies this stamp as being my Notary Seal. The third line lists St. Louis County-State of Missouri. I am a resident of the St. Louis County. So in order to be commissioned by the State of Missouri I was sworn by the St. Louis County Clerk for a term of 4 years. If I move to another County in the State of Missouri, I would be required to be sworn in by the County clerk of my new residence. For example, if I move from St. Louis County just a few miles away to be a Notary Public City St. Louis, the Circuit Clerk-City of St. Louis would swear me in. In addition, I would be required to obtain a new notary stamp which would reflect my new residency. But as a St. Louis County notary, I can notarize any document in St. Louis City or any county in the State of Missouri.

Notary Public St. Louis, Notary Public St Louis, Notary Public St. Louis, Mo or Notary Public St. Louis City. What’s the difference?

The good news to you the consumer there is no difference. When using any of those four search terms when looking for a notary to assist you, from a legal point of view, it will not matter. By choosing Clayton Mobile Notary, we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Most important, our highly trained notaries offer very unique benefits when compared to other Notary Publics St. Louis.

Very few St. Louis notary professionals offer the peace of mind that we can offer. All of our notaries are members of the National Notary Association, have a thorough background check by the National Notary Association, carry $100,000 of Errors & Omissions Insurance as well as post a surety bond with the State of Missouri. This protects you in the event of fraud or an error by the notary. If you are searching for a St. Louis Notary it is crucial that he have the above referenced credentials.

All Notary Publics St. Louis are guided by the 72-page Missouri Notary Handbook published by the Missouri Secretary of State in March of 2018. At Clayton Mobile Notary we must fully comply with the Code of Regulations. If a notary violates any component of the regulations, his license can be permanently revoked.

The Missouri Secretary of State’s office may immediately suspend a notary’s commission upon written notice sent to the notary by certified mail when the secretary of state’s office deems the situation has a serious unlawful effect on the general public. The notary may request a hearing on the suspension, but it is rare that a notary’s license is re-activated. A notary public is held to the highest level of ethical standards. We hold a tremendous responsibility to serve the public honorably and ethically. There are very few exceptions for inappropriate behavior.

The National Notary Association and Clayton Mobile Notary

Every professional at Clayton Mobile Notary is not only a member of the National Notary Association, is background checked by the National Notary Association (NNA), but is also bound by NNA’s The Notary Public Code of Responsibility. According to the code, the Notary Public’s key role in lending integrity to important transactions of commerce and law which necessitates sound standards for the performance of notarial acts. While many occupations pose professional and ethical norms for their practitioners, the need for guidelines is particularly acute with persons holding the office of Notary because of their unusual status as both public and private functionaries. In few offices is the practitioner more subject to conflicting pressures.

When searching for a notary using the terms such as Notary Public St. Louis, Notary Public St. Louis, MO or Notary Public City of St. Louis, you have no idea about the credentials, ethics or skills of the notary that you may find. This could be a costly error both in terms of time and money. At Clayton Mobile Notary, you can be assured that your important situation will be executed with the highest level of accuracy, professionalism and timeliness. We subscribe to the foundation of the Code of Notarial Responsibility:

The Code is designed to guide Notaries Public when state statutes, regulations and official directives fall short in guiding notaries to perform their official duties. It also serves these functions:

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